Arcsona Testing Accelerator for Salesforce.


Testing Salesforce in heterogeneous environments is complex. Clients often have Salesforce implementations that are connected to Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.9 or R12, SAP, Oracle Siebel or other large applications to facilitate quoting, order management and customer support.

The challenges of developing a robust testing infrastructure to test all combinations and permutations within Salesforce are exponentially more complex due to integration with on-premise systems. Failure to test individual business processes can lead to defects and costly implementation delays.

Using automated testing frameworks from HP and Worksoft, Arcsona developed proprietary, integrated testing infrastructures that keep implementations on track. They can start a test cycle in one application, send information to another application and then move to that application to complete the test. Often, the tests switch environments and users multiple times to thoroughly test functionality.

Arcsona’s automation success rests on the ease of maintenance of its testing infrastructure. We leverage HP and Worksoft testing products, but our testing frameworks do not use record/replay technology, which can generate scripts that need to be re-recorded when the application changes.

All tests are componentized and reusable—test elements can be easily rearranged to suit a differentiated test. We can make minor modifications in a few components, which automatically propagate to all the tests that use these components.

The approach allows Arcsona to maintain pace with the development teams. We are typically only a few hours behind them, testing their changes with updated, automated tests that span heterogeneous environments and many classes of users.