Arcsona’s Approach

Successful IT initiatives require solid understanding of the underlying business objectives and a talent for managing people, process and technology. To every project, we bring high-caliber consultants who keep the overall business vision in mind when making decisions or recommendations about system design, business process or implementation approach.

Throughout every phase of an IT initiative—from gathering system requirements and defining data models to designing testing scripts and making data migration decisions—our teams make sound decisions that are based on clients’ current and desired business processes.

We are highly experienced at working in complex multi-stakeholder environments and recognize that methodology is not a substitute for common sense. Arcsona consultants are trained in Waterfall and Agile development models and are comfortable blending approaches to meet specific project needs and client or partner preferences.


A flexible approach, domain expertise and deep testing are at the core of each successful cloud integration.

Automated, integrated and thorough testing catches system bugs early, reducing cost and business risk.

Comprehensive testing simplifies and shortens conversions to ANAPLAN.