Mid-Sized Mexican Bank deploys SugarCRM for its high-end Clientele.


The Bank has made a business in appealing to high-end customers over the past few decades. However, now they are looking to double or triple their current customer base in the next 8 quarters. They needed a solution that would provide a secure platform to expand their customer base and allow them to deploy up-sell and cross-sell strategies to incrementally increase the current average customer product density.


After evaluating several options, the customer chose SugarCRM because it provided the most flexible, secure and scalable solution to their needs. They also considered the implications of cloud deployments and the patriot act, so they decided to take the platform internally onsite.

-SugarCRM views are now the primary view of the customer for executives—they can see a 360 degree view of the customers, their history and account statuses

-Sales automation and campaign generation allows the customer to convert prospects more efficiently


Adoption is at 100% for all user groups, and the sales organization has the information they need to make marketing decisions for customer acquisition, upsell and cross-sell activities.