Mid-Size Software Company Replaces Salesforce with SugarCRM.


While satisfied with the general functionality of Salesforce, this client balked at the ever increasing Salesforce Subscription costs. They might have stayed with Salesforce, but they couldn’t see a correlation between the subscription hikes and improvements in Salesforce processing, mobile capabilities—all of these desired functions added more dollars to the subscription cost and exceeded an already ballooned budget.

To save budget, the client was forced to reduce the number of users in the system, and syphon off some users from sales into the support organization. While this gave the support team what they wanted, there was virtually no evolution on the sales side and many of the reporting and other processes were reduced to spreadsheets outside of the system.


Arcsona worked with both SugarCRM and the client to propose a solution that would enable the organization to be fully functional again on all major aspects of CRM, especially in the neglected Sales and Sales Reporting aspects. Arcsona was able to use its Salesforce Conversion Tool to quickly convert the SugarCRM solution into the client’s familiar format. With a relatively quick data conversion, the entire transformation took only seven weeks.


With such a short services timeframe and the much lower SugarCRM subscription cost, the entire first year investment for this client was only 80% of the next year’s annual Salesforce subscription. The costs of future years are estimated to be no more than 50% to 60% of the expected Salesforce subscription prices.

In addition, with the budget now under control, adoption on the system is at 100% and the organization can fully utilize the solution, especially the much needed mobile technology.