Global Custom Valve Manufacturer deploys SugarCRM for its Sales, Field, and Post-Sales Processes..


Since its inception, MasterFlo and its sister company StreamFlo hace operated hing-quality custom valve manufacturing for its global oil and gas customers. Considering ths cost and durability of the products, the sales cycle can be long and complicated with many players involved. With the rapid growth of the organizations, problems arose in their ability to leverage custom design work among customers and to manage the relationships of all the global players in customer organitzations. In addition, post-sales problems were taking too long to diagnose and solve. After decades of point-based solutions, MasterFlo turned to SugerCRM and Arcsona to build a concise solution for most of its customer-facing processes.


Arcsona worked with both SugarCRM and the client to review and document the current customer-facing processes and the issues with those processes. We then worked with the client to derive future-state processes that would serve as an evolvable base solution.

As a number of the client's team memeber had matured professionally only at the client, some had a healthy skepticism of outside systems; we needed to show consistent successes as we developed and rolled out the solution.

In the first Agile sprint, we defined complex account and contact objects that allowed MasterFlow sales professionals to collect the information needed to penetrate large customers. Sometimes this process can take months or years so consistent collection of decision-maker information is key to the long-term sales process.

In the second sprint, we focused on the opportunity object and the infusion of fields and tabs that integrated the client's sales methodology.

With some integration to the ERP system, this was enough functionality for go-live with the first 100 users. Addional releases hace included integration to document management SharePoint and enhancements to the ERP integration.


The first phase was completed in approximately 10 weeks. This included the conversion of all relavant legacy data, the enhanced sales process, and integration to other systems. Adoption stands at 100% for all sales and sales-support professionals; MasterFlo is planning the conversion of the system into all sister companies.