Pinpointing System Errors Rapidly for Fortune 500 Manufacturer’s Salesforce Integration.

Challenge A high-tech manufacturer that had broadly integrated Salesforce with many of its upstream and downstream systems needed to roll out new releases of Salesforce without jeopardizing the integrity of the entire system. The company used Eloqua for campaign management and lead generation, Oracle E-Business Suite R12 and Siebel for quoting, and Oracle 11.5.9 and SAP for order management and shipping.

Nearly 30 major interfaces keep the combined infrastructure operational. The customer required a sophisticated regression test for every release in its environment because even minor modifications in Salesforce or one of the boundary systems can have major repercussions on interfaces and other applications.

Solution Arsona developed a complete, end-to-end test of all functionality and interfaces in the Salesforce ecosystem. The test began in Eloqua with the creation of a sales lead. The lead was sent to Salesforce where it moved through the opportunity-management process. From the opportunity in Salesforce, an associated quote was then created in Oracle R12 or Siebel. The order was completed in Oracle 11.5.9 and fulfillment took place in SAP

During these system transitions, Arcsona’s testing solution automatically logged in and out of the systems and moved the transactions along to either complete the test or automatically catalog an error when an application function or an interface failed.

Results Testing the transactions as they flowed logically through the environment enabled the client’s IT team to immediately pinpoint the precise location of any system problems. Because Arcsona’s solution recorded the steps leading to these issues, IT was able to recreate the errors to determine how to eradicate them. This saved hundreds of hours in error diagnosis, eliminated a large percentage of the false errors that are routinely reported and allowed the team to focus on fixing the most critical bugs.