SAP FKOM-2014.



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SAP’s FKOM or Field Kick-Off Meeting is an annual event for SAP’s account executives, sales managers, professional services, marketing, product development, and PARTNERS. SAP typically reorganizes its sales and delivery teams in December, so this meeting in Las Vegas in late January is the first opportunity to meet with Account Executives and Client Partners to review their new client lists for the year. It is also a major new product announcement forum, so it is a great opportunity for us to compare notes on our own IP development and ensure we are in alignment with SAP’s internal investments.

Over the past year, we have been focusing on products and services that drive the deployment of SAP’s HANA solution. Based on our meetings at FKOM, we expect both the breadth and depth of our IP development for HANA to increase in 2014. On the QA front, we will continue to expand our HANA Testing Accelerator as we deploy it to more SAP customers. Based on our discussions with sales professionals and sales management, we are also considering a suite of HANA POCs. These will give our mutual clients a leg up on the early implementation of HANA and clear the way for additional investments in SAP’s most valuable products.

In other meetings at FKOM, we discussed the need for IP investments in other SAP software suites. Based on our discussions, we are considering an investment in a testing harness for SAP’s CAMs (Complex Assembly Manufacturing Solution) for the Aerospace industry. While this application is not modified much by clients, there are a number of version end-of-life issues that will require a significant quality investment over the next few years.

FKOM delivered as a highly-charged and intense series of meetings that ensured we are aligned appropriately with SAP over the coming months. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to level set with SAP at Sapphire in June.


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