“Help me, Help you!”.



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“Help me, Help you!”

“Help me, help you”- a famous quote from Jerry Maguire that I find especially true when it comes to our clients. Arcsona’s consultative approach to partnering with our customers has provided a level of trust necessary for a successful engagement, allowing us to help them reach their goals.

I lead the Load and Performance Test Practice at Arcsona, and have led a number of engagements that demonstrate the depth and versatility of our Load and Performance test team. Whether we are coming in for just a few weeks or throughout a long-term deployment, we are able to add value at every step. Please take a moment to read a few short paragraphs, on how we have helped our clients with successful implementations.

Consumer Products Company: This client was experiencing dramatically slow response times in scheduled overnight processes in their Oracle 11i system. In a matter of weeks, we were able to develop HP LoadRunner scripts from business processes. We discovered a report that pegged the CPU at 100%. Working with the developers, we implemented some new indexes that brought the response times down to acceptable levels.

Cellular Phone Company: This client was implementing over 10,000 seats of a major CRM packaged system that was integrated to numerous other client systems. Our team worked with the client and the lead integrator to ensure that the deployed environment scaled to expectations. This was a more typical, team-augmentation role during a long-term engagement. We identified numerous development and deployment issues that hindered performance and were part of the core team that eradicated the errors. Our final report was one of the key factors that lead to the successful “go-live” decision after nearly one year of development.

Health Care Provider: We were brought in post-deployment of a customer-facing, web-based CRM system. The client had deployed the system with a 3rd party integrator and then saw significant performance issues. This was a major issue for the client as customers were abandoning the signup process. In a matter of weeks, we were able to diagnose and fix the issue. We stayed on at this client and developed methods and procedures for the subsequent testing of every release of this system. We developed a baseline for performance and compared every release to this baseline. These solutions are still in place at this client to this day.

Let me end this blog with another famous quote from Jerry- to all of our clients, and future clients…..”You had me at hello”


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