An Approach for Migrating from HP Quality Center to HP ALM.



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An Approach for Migrating from HP Quality Center to HP ALM

Automated testing is one of the key delivery pillars at Arcsona. As we have evolved, so has the primary suite of applications we use as the platform for our automated testing accelerators, and for test management in general. With the release of HP’s ALM version 11.0, Quality Center has been retired. Taking its place is a very robust, reliable and scalable solution for the complete application lifecycle management process. As HP highlights on its web page: “HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions provide the insight and automation to drive the modern application lifecycle from idea to delivery faster without compromise. So you can deliver amazing apps across devices with quality, velocity and confidence.”
Source: HP Software Site

With the additional functionality in ALM, comes quite a bit of complexity as well. ALM is not a simple application. Its multi-platform solution offers different APIs and connections that have caused the management, installation, and maintenance of ALM to become anything but trivial.
One of the most complex processes we have faced is the upgrade of HP Quality Center legacy versions (9.00 or 10.00) to the newest versions of HP ALM (11.00, 11.52 or 12.02). Unfortunately, there is no straight forward, or “one size fits all” upgrade process. However, after a number of iterations, we have developed a process to upgrade these legacy servers to ALM.

We are currently working on a project that is very complex environment. Here are the details:

We decided to upgrade to ALM 11.52 and not to ALM 12.02 so we don’t impact the user experience. After the user become more familiar with the new features of ALM 11.52, an upgrade to ALM 12.02 can be planned.
Environment Select process problems
To upgrade to ALM 11.52 there were some problems with the actual environment:

After analyzing the environment, we decided to move to a completely new server and perform a completely new installation:

Upgrade Process Problems
After the environments were set up, we found a challenge in our process. The step to copy the database from the legacy to the new database was not possible:

We analyzed and we decide to use the HP QC Server to copy the projects to the new server


After we copied the projects directly into our new database, it was possible to follow the normal process: restore, upgrade and validate projects with the copy of the repository.

The upgrade finished well after completing the restore process.

If you are facing similar challenges, would like additional information, or would like to discuss how you can use this application for your business, please reach out to us at, or leave a comment below.


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