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5 Free AppExchange Apps that can instantly help your Salesforce Org.

FREE Salesforce Apps can be a great way to add highly useful capabilities to your Salesforce implementation with minimal effort and cost. If you don’t like them, you can always uninstall them at no cost to your organization. Salesforce’s AppExchange has tons of apps. And now Salesforce, in a great blog post from earlier this year, is reporting there are over 800 free apps available in the AppExchange. While there are many good articles out there discussing the value you can find from AppExchange apps, this article is specifically about 5 free AppExchange Apps that I think can offer immediate value for your Salesforce Org.

1. The first app I like is called Bug Tracker. This is a simple app for tracking development work created by Salesforce’s very own Force.com labs. (Salesforce’s Force.com labs is a product development group at Salesforce that releases products into the AppExchange. Although these products are not supported with updates, they are generally high quality and can be used as valuable assets in certain situations.)

Bug Tracker is ideal for companies that are new to Salesforce. For a more enterprise or integrated development management solutions, you will want to look elsewhere. Nonetheless, the value of this product is that you can install it in 5 minutes and instantly give users a solution for submitting their bug or enhancement requests for their Salesforce org. No big price or long implementation process. Just instant value.

Note, several of the apps discussed today are unmanaged packages, which means there won’t be any updates for them. However, this also means you can tweak them to match your business. For this particular app, this means it will allow you to track new bug and enhancement requests in a manner that best represents your business. Remove fields, add drop-down picklist, re-arrange the bug detail record page layout etc. And you can easily attach screenshots to your new bug or enhancement requests so that admins will know exactly what the error message was that you would like to have addressed.

2. Next on my list of free apps that I always consider using when working with a new client is Qandor’s Field Trip. From Qandor’s description for Field Trip on the AppExchange, “This utility lets you analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records (or a subset of your records) have that field populated.”

Field Trip serves as a great utility to use on existing Salesforce orgs before you begin new development work on an existing object. Field trip gives you the ability to see the exact data on how often the existing fields on an object are used. Too many fields on the Opportunity page layout? Well use Field Trip to give you accurate insight into which fields sales reps aren’t using. Another great use for Field Trip comes up when you are working to merge multiple Salesforce orgs, as it helps you prioritize, rationalize and eliminate low value fields in the combined Salesforce org.

3. The 3rd app I like is a free reporting & dashboard package also available from Salesforce’s Force.com labs. This app is called Service & Support Dashboards. A lot of times clients will come to me and ask for reporting & dashboards on their new Service Cloud implementation. This is tough to do if your service team is just getting started in Salesforce. So, by installing this free AppExchange app, you can instantly see a handful of Service & Support Reports & Dashboards. Then after a quick discussion about what tweaks will be required to accurately report on your Service Cloud implementation, you are off and running to a great Service Cloud Reporting & Dashboard implementation.

4. The 4th AppExchange App in my list is specific to Service Cloud users that are also using Salesforce’s Knowledge Base/Article Management solution. Like suggestion #3 above, this is a Reporting & Dashboard package from Salesforce’s Force.com labs. This app is called Knowledge Base Dashboards & Reports. Why start from scratch and create dashboards on this specific aspect of Salesforce’s product offering, when they’ve already done it for you?

Just as above on suggestion #3, I don’t look at this app as a final answer, but I do look at it as a great starting point for discussions with my clients about how to report on their Knowledge solution. Within minutes of installing this App, you have a great starting point for discussions around reporting and dashboards related to your Knowledge Base solution.

5. The 5th and final free app on my list is once again from Salesforce Labs. Chatter Unfollow Rules – Managed is an App that helps Salesforce users from running up against the chatter limit for people, topics or records being followed. Currently, Salesforce allows a single user to follow 500 people, topics or records. While it doesn’t seem obvious, it is common for a case support rep to run up against this limit if they are set to automatically follow cases. Hence, that opportunity or case you closed 4 months ago can automatically become “UN-followed” in chatter if you use this app to create a rule to address this matter. This app is a lifesaver for admins who’s users run up against this limit.

So there you have it, here are five great free apps that I have used successfully at multiple clients to bring instant value to a client’s Salesforce org.

I’ve recommended these five because they are highly useful in addressing challenges that I commonly see at Arcsona clients. They may not apply to your circumstance. However, whatever your Salesforce challenge, chances are that somebody smart has previously experienced and tried it. I encourage you to visit and search the AppExchange because It is highly possible that one of the other 800 free apps on the AppExchange can help you out. Whether its project management, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, document management, finance, productivity improvement, reports or dashboards, the AppExchange offers many valuable apps that can give you a great jump start on solving your specific Salesforce challenge.


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