Simplifying User Testing for Fortune 50 Company.

Challenge A global technology company needed to efficiently manage unwieldy user acceptance tests (UAT) that were required for its quarterly Salesforce releases. The firm has five separate Salesforce implementations that are also integrated into various systems.

Due to the complexity of the overall system, the critical issue for this client was the depth and breadth of its business-driven user acceptance testing (UAT). Depending on the level of system modifications required with any single release, IT could expect upwards of 600 individuals, each with valid demands, to request involvement with UAT.

With four large annual releases of its Salesforce environment, the complexity and difficulty of large-scale user testing threatened to delay and possibly derail the release schedule.

Solution Arcsona built a testing harness encompassing the entire Salesforce infrastructure that could successfully complete the entire transaction from the perspective of the appropriate end-user in each of the component business systems. Tests began in Aprimo, migrated to Eloqua for marketing management and transferred to Salesforce to begin testing opportunity management functionality. The client used BigMachines for quoting and had a very complex system of email approval for discounts (represented by deal governance in the diagram above), all of which were incorporated into the testing.

Result Arcsona’s solution dramatically reduced the number of UAT participants from more than 500 to a few dozen and elevated their role to that of UAT auditors. They were still able to perform manual tests, but their main function became to review reports that documented the results of hundreds of test executions performed by Arcsona’s automated system.

The company decreased the number of testers by 75 percent and dramatically increased the depth and breadth of the test into many corner cases and regression areas—those affecting a small number of users— that couldn’t be tested manually. The automated testing solution facilitated thorough and rapid resolution of system defects and enabled IT to deliver according to the company’s release schedule.