Domo Case Study – Territory Management.


Domo’s sales organization is a dynamic environment experiencing heavy growth. With this growth comes change. While most of the changes come with the regular quarterly sales management realignments, very often more immediate changes were required: new sales reps arriving, sales reps or managers leaving, and newly targeted organizations.


To deal with all of this change, Arcsona worked with Domo to create a Territory Management Model in Anaplan that dynamically adjusts account assignments (Territories). As sales directors and managers make changes to the assignment rules, especially when a rep unexpectedly leaves, the Model recalculates the territory assignment and automatically sends this information to Domo’s Salesforce instance. There, we have made changes so that account teams are automatically created based on this new assignment.


With the new solution, including the interface to Salesforce, Domo is able to control its Territory assignments. This allows new sales reps to immediately know what their targets are and eliminates any wasted time in ramp up or accidental duplication of effort.