Domo Case Study – Quota Management.


At times, the somewhat unpredictable nature of sales growth and closure rates caused lags in the hiring and training of enough sales reps to meet the goals. It took too long to calculate the impact of the sales cycle, the regular updates to the sales plan and derive a dynamically based sales hiring plan.


Arcsona worked with Domo to build a Quota planning model from both the top down (annual financial plan), and the bottom up (territory assignment and new rep strategy).

The solution allows for the placement of the annual sales plan by geography, sales director and manager. It also allows for updates to the sales plan as the year progresses. In addition, as bookings are realized and quota is attained, and as reps are hired (or not hired) into planned slots, it allows for the recalculation of quota attainment and updates to the hiring plan.


With this solution sales operations always knows exactly what investments are necessary in skills sales professionals to meet the most up-to-date sales plan. It can also predict the impact on the plan if certain geographies do not make timely hires or if certain sales reps are consistently under or over performing. This eliminates a great deal of duplicated effort and helps newly hired reps move up the productivity ramp as there is no ambiguity as to their sales targets or territories.